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Parrot reveals husband’s affair with housemaid


Parrot reveals husband’s affair with housemaid

A man almost ended up going to jail after a family pet exposed his affair with the housemaid.

The alleged affair came to light after the parrot started to repeat flirty phrases in front of his wife, who hadn’t heard anything like this for some time.

She had wondered for a while about her husband’s relationship with their maid at their home in Kuwait, according to Al Shahed Daily.

So when the bird started to parrot what it had overheard, she seized on it as evidence and went to police.

Adultery is illegal in the Gulf state, carrying a potential prison sentence or even hard labor.

If the bird’s evidence had been admitted, he could have faced a severe penalty for his indiscretion.

But thankfully for him, the authorities said the squawkings could not be admitted in court, as it could not be proved that the bird hadn’t heard the intimate conversation on TV or the radio.

It was not deemed a credible witness and the case did not proceed, even though the wife said she had suspected it for some time and that her husband became anxious if she arrived home unexpectedly from work.

Nevertheless, the case has made headlines around the world.

And it’s not the first time a parrot has snitched.