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Man Passes Away After Saying He’d Rather Die Than Watch the Debate


Man Passes Away After Saying He'd Rather Die Than Watch the Debate

A Pennsylvania man who passed away last month on the day of the first presidential debate had previously said he’d rather die than watch it.

Knowing this, the writer of George Davis’ obituary subsequently put a positive spin on the grandfather’s September 26 passing.

“Apparently he meant it when he said he would rather die than have to watch the presidential debate,” the obit reads.

Lucky for Davis, he got to miss all three historically cantankerous debates.

“At least he is no longer obligated to vote, firmly believing regardless of the outcome, the nation is going someplace in a handbasket and he would rather travel in the opposite direction,” the obit continued.

The jokes continued beyond Davis’ dislike for today’s politics.

According to the obituary, Davis joined the Army as a young man after a childhood in rural Pennsylvania. “He spent the rest of his life exaggerating the hardships of both,” the obit joked.

Davis liked country music, NASCAR, hunting, fishing and “making up wild stories about the latter two.”

He left behind, siblings Wallace, Ralph, Marie, and Betty; daughters Wendy, Shelley, and Laurie; and granddaughters Sarah, Kaitlyn, and Lang. “He was one of a kind, a truly great man, and will be missed dearly.”

While memorable, Davis’ isn’t this year’s first politically tinged obituary.

Mary Anne Alfriend Noland passed away in May at age 68 after a battle with lung cancer. Her obituary read, in part: “Faced with the prospect of voting for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, Mary Anne Noland of Richmond chose, instead, to pass into the eternal love of God.”

In Massachusetts that same month, a dying man’s wish was for people not to vote for Clinton. And back in January, a Pittsburgh chiropractor’s obit made the same request, only about Donald Trump.