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Terrifying Glass-Bottomed Bridge Sets 2 World Records


Terrifying Glass-Bottomed Bridge

It’s just 20 feet wide, but the new bridge hovering 1,000 feet over China’s Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon (in the park that inspired the movie Avatar) stretches for more than 1,400 feet—and has set a record for being the world’s highest and longest glass-bottomed bridge, CNN reports. Israeli architect Haim Dotan designed the newly opened structure—made of 99 three-layered glass panes, per the BBC—that’s also set to be used as a catwalk for upcoming fashion shows and as the base for what will eventually be the world’s highest bungee-jumping site.

Just 8,000 people per day are currently allowed to cross the Hunan province bridge—the official safety limit is set at 800 people at a time, a Zhangjiajie official tells Xinhua, per the Guardian—though officials seem intent on emphasizing its safety: They’ve even driven a car across it and invited people to try to smash the glass with a sledgehammer. One other apparent safety measure: Those wearing stiletto heels won’t be allowed to cross.

Terrifying Glass-Bottomed Bridge Terrifying Glass-Bottomed Bridge