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What Was Supposed To Be Friends Going For A Jog, Quickly Turned Into A Fight For Their Lives


What Was Supposed To Be Friends Going For A Jog, Quickly Turned Into A Fight For Their Lives

When two young women decided to go out for some exercise, they took a walk through rural Indiana. All of a sudden, a pack of hungry pit bulls came out of nowhere and started attacking the two young women.

The two women were cousins Isabella George, 19, and Rebekah Forgery, 20. They were enjoying a nice jog on a country road in Carroll County, Indiana. Little did they know that their lives would change forever. And they were doing everything right. They were trying to exercise and be healthy.

But the pack of four pit bulls were starving and smelled blood when the two young women came running by their den…

The women were attacked on October 1, 2015. As soon as they realized that the pit bulls were trying to get them, the two women started running across a field toward their home.

But the young women had no chance to outrun the dogs. The large beasts tackled the young women and drew them down to the ground with their powerful jaws and front legs.

As soon as the young women were submitted on the ground, the pit bulls got even more aggressive. They started tearing at their flesh and biting them.

Police described the situation not as a dog attack but as a 30-minute “feeding frenzy” that left the women in horrible condition.

Forgey experience injuries on more than 75 percent of her body – including her scalp which the dogs tore off. The 20-year-old had her muscle ripped from her leg and was rushed to intensive care. She needed multiple skin and muscle grafts and WILL NEVER be able to grow back the hair on her head – which she had always been proud of.

George fared somewhat better. She spent her recovery time at home and had to heal from deep puncture wounds and large bruises from her toes to her head.

Richard Darter, 50, who owned the dog apparently tried to stop the attack. Darter quickly became a victim of his own dogs. He couldn’t stand up to them even though he wanted to save the two young women from their terrible fate.

The three victims might have lost their lives if a motorist hadn’t randomly passed by the rural field. The woman drove into the field and scattered the pack of dogs. Then she loaded the abused victims into her truck and rushed them to the hospital.

Police called the heroin the car a “godsend” because she scared the dogs away and brought the victims to safety.

The day after the attack the dogs were caught. One was shot dead and the other three were euthanized.

Darter had previously problems with his dogs. He had cited for not controlling the animals and because of his numerous charges, Carroll County Sheriff Toby Leazenby is asking prosecutors to press charges against the dog owner.

Do you think the dog owner should go to jail for raising attack dogs? Was he responsible for his aggressive dog pack?

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