Home News Reporter caught trying to catch a Pokemon during US government briefing

Reporter caught trying to catch a Pokemon during US government briefing



An important briefing about Isis is probably one of the worst times for a wild Pokemon to wander onto your phone’s screen.

Yet that was the reality faced by a reporter while US State Department spokesman John Kirby held a press conference.

As Mr Kirby discussed global efforts to combat the terrorist threat, he was forced to double take when he saw a journalist playing Pokemon Go.

It prompted a bizarre conversation between the pair that was captured in footage from the press conference.

A confused Mr Kirby says: ‘You’re playing the Pokemon thing right there, aren’t you?’

The surprised reporter replies: ‘I’m just keeping an eye on it.’

Like the pro he is, Mr Kirby immediately makes a seamless transition back to the small matter of the international fight against terrorism.

He says: ‘It’s an important reminder – we know this won’t be easy. We recognize it’s a challenge, and we’re clear-eyed about the work we still have to do.

‘This is why we convened this important ministerial and will continue to work with our coalition partners to defeat Daesh.’

reporter-pokemonBut soon his thoughts were back to Pokemon.

‘Did you get one?’ he asks the same reporter, to which the journalist says: ‘No, the signal is not very good.’

Barely suppressing a smirk, Mr Kirby ends the odd encounter by sympathising with the player.

‘I’m sorry about that.’