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Pregnant Woman Goes Wake Surfing to Help With Delivery


This Minnesota woman couldn’t wait any longer to become a mom, so she decided to go wake surfing to speed things up and aid with the labor.

Kolby Fahlsing, 32, of Minneapolis was more than 9 months pregnant, and was more than ready to give birth: “‘I’m super uncomfortable and my legs hurt like [no] other. It feels like needles stabbing me all over.”

So, under the consultation of her OB-GYN, she decided to naturally relieve her stress by going wake surfing.

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“As women we know our bodies and limitations,” she told InsideEdition.com, “and I would never do anything to put me and the baby at risk.”

Fahlsing said the lake sport, which she’s been doing for two years, is similar to water skiing or wake boarding, but much safer since she was going just nine miles per hour instead of 20. The boat was weighed down so the waves are longer, taller, and constantly underneath the board.

After having a discussion with her doctor on how to stay safe, he deemed the sport low impact and gave her the okay to go ahead and give it a shot.

Five days later, Fahlsing gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Wilder Kipp Fahlsing.

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“I think he’s going to like the water,” said Fahlsing, who has been around boats since she was 6 months old herself. “My dad taught me how to water ski and wake board. I hope I can teach him how to wake surf.”

When the day comes, little Wilder will be well prepared: “He already has a life jacket.”