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Mother posts Facebook Live video of her beating daughter


mother-facebookA mother livestreamed her beating her daughter on Facebook, asking people to share it and send it viral.

The woman, named as Shanavia Miller, reportedly became irate after believing her 16-year-old daughter had started a sexual relationship in her house (the daughter says she was actually at the boy’s house).

After seeing a photo of Nia Green on Facebook showing her and her boyfriend dressed in just a towel, her mother started shouting at her and hitting her with what looks like a piece of plywood or ruler.

‘Get your grades up before thinking about opening your legs!’ she yells.
At one point in the live video, she turns her face to the camera and says ‘This my Facebook page now! You think that sh*t cute?’

‘Now. I’m gonna try and send this viral. Please share this, ’cause I’m not done.’

The video has shocked the world, with many saying they were unable to watch to the end because it was too upsetting.

However, reaction to was split between people saying parents had the right to discipline children in this way, and others saying there was absolutely no justification.


A post purportedly from Nia has since appeared on the Facebook page (now controlled by her mum), saying she understands why her mother acted that way.
Nevertheless, many commenters said they considered it child abuse and called for her to be arrested.

Police in Savannah say the daughter told them she feels safe at home, but they had passed on the case to Georgia’s child welfare department.