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Man Blasts Dude in Head With Bike To Stop Couple From Having Sex Near Playground


Coule having sex near playground

This perverted couple probably high on meth (this is just me speculating) decided the park where the kid’s play is the perfect idea for some love making… this wasn’t even like a quick, let’s just smash real quick and go. Dude was full nude getting down and dirty in the grass.

The people walking by were not a fan of the two slapping bodies and one guy decided to put an end to it all.

I have one huge take away from this video that I can still not understand… Where did this guy get the bike?! He walks up with it, so you would think it was his bike, but after he bashes the dude over the head he just drops it and someone else picks it up and carries it away. Was he just walking by and shocked to see these two people bumping uglies in the park so he grabbed the closest thing he could to stop it? And that happened to be some dudes bike!?