Cops looking for crazed ex-boyfriend of woman, 23, who was shot to death near Brooklyn Bridge Park


When Michelle Marks saw her killer outside of Brooklyn Bridge Park, she was on the phone with her boyfriend. “He’s here and he has a gun!” she screamed. “Call 911!” That’s when her phone suddenly went dead. A few moments later, so was she, police said. Cops are now looking for Marks’ killer — a former boyfriend identified by police sources as...

Last surviving 9/11 search dog Bretagne dies at age 16


The last surviving search dog that sniffed out Ground Zero for trapped survivors after the 9/11 terrorist attacks has died. Bretagne, a 16-year-old golden retriever, was euthanized Monday at a Texas veterinary hospital, fire officials said. Owner and volunteer firefighter Denise Corliss is “distraught” over Bretagne’s death, Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department spokesman Capt. David Padovan told the Daily News. “She had lived...

Oregon baby-sitter arrested for smacking 1-year-old, leaving gruesome bruises


Oregon baby-sitter arrested for smacking 1-year-old, leaving gruesome bruises A babysitter who appeared to have escaped charges for allegedly smacking an Oregon 1-year-old has been arrested for abuse. Markell Hilaire pleaded not guilty Monday to accusations that he assaulted Jacob Marbury in March, leaving him with a black eye and a palm print on his face. “I’m so extremely upset, it’s disturbing,...

Parrot who keeps saying ‘don’t f***ing shoot’ will be key witness in murder trial


She says the parrot repeats the last words said by Martin Duram – but the prosecutor in the case is downplaying whether the evidence would stand up in court. ‘I’m not aware of any legal precedent for that,’ Newaygo County Prosecutor Robert Springstead told The Associated Press. ‘Certainly, as we work our way through the case, that may be something to...

Girl with artificial limb breaks down after getting doll with leg to match hers


Emma was fitted with a prosthetic leg as a toddler and her emotional reaction to a special gift from her parents has gone viral Video footage of the moment a girl bursts into tears as she unwraps a specially made doll with a prosthetic leg "like me" has gone viral. Emma Bennett, aged 10 and from Texas, was born with a...

Burger King has opened a spa – now you can eat your Whopper in the sauna


Burger King is raising its fast food game and letting customers chill in a spa while chomping on a Whopper Burger King has opened a spa in one of its restaurants, allowing customers to munch a Whopper while sitting in the steam room. While the idea of chilling out and tucking into a meal sounds like a great idea, chomping on...