Maryland Masseur Suddenly Licked Woman’s Genitals While At Work


A Maryland masseur has been accused in a new lawsuit of sexually abusing a woman during an appointment at a nationwide massage chain. The suit, filed on Tuesday, accuses Habtamu Gebreselassie, 24, of pulling the towel off a client at a DC branch of Massage Envy and licking her vagina 'without invitation, warning or consent' before he 'fell to his knees...

CBS executive fired after saying Las Vegas victims didn’t deserve sympathy

cbs-executive-lasvegas shooting

CBS executive fired after saying Las Vegas victims didn't deserve sympathy! CBS fired a legal executive Monday after she wrote on Facebook that she was not "sympathetic" to the victims of the mass shooting in Las Vegas. “I’m actually not even sympathetic bc country music fans often are Republican gun toters," former executive Hayley Geftman-Gowrote wrote. At least 58 people were...

Las Vegas shooting now tops list of worst mass shootings in U.S. history

las vegas shooting

Fourteen months after a deadly shooting spree in Florida set a record for gun violence in the U.S., another brutal rampage has become the new, grim benchmark. At least 58 people were killed and about 515 were injured when a gunman opened fire Sunday night on people attending a country music festival in Las Vegas. It is being called the...

Man fractures his penis during sex, notices 12 hours later

Man fractures his penis during sex

It’s enough to make any man cross his legs and vow to keep his pants on for good. A 47-year-old man fractured his penis during a night of passionate sex with his new girlfriend. The patient, who was not named, felt a “snapping sensation” but claimed he did not feel any symptoms until 12 hours later. Incredibly, he was able to continue...

Charmin offers year’s supply of toilet paper if ‘Mad Pooper’ turns self in

charmin mad pooper

As police in Colorado continue to search for a female jogger they say has been defecating in front of a family’s home repeatedly, a toilet paper company is offering to help with the situation. If the #MadPooper turns herself in, we'll give her a year's supply of TP to help with her "runs" ???? #EnjoyTheGo — Charmin (@Charmin) September 20, 2017 Charmin tweeted, “If...

Man filmed pair raping 14-year-old Utah girl because ‘it was funny’


WEST JORDAN, Utah -- Two men have been arrested in connection with the rape of a 14-year-old Utah girl that police say was recorded on video. According to a statement of probable cause, police were contacted September 9 about a sexual assault involving a 14-year-old girl from West Jordan. The girl's father told police the girl had slept over at a friend's house...

4-foot steel bar pierces worker’s anus, pops out of his shoulder

steel bar pierces worker’s anus, pops out of his shoulder

A construction worker has miraculously survived after he was electrocuted, thrown from his workstation and then impaled through the anus by a 4-foot steel bar. Yang Ming, 37, had accidentally touched live wires on a building site and the shock sent him flying back onto the protruding metal rod. Rescuers left the pole inside and rushed him to the hospital so surgeons...

Teacher allegedly slept with 4 teen students, 2 in same night

Teacher allegedly slept with 4 students

A former high school teacher in Arkansas accused of sleeping with four different students — two of them in the same night — stood before a judge Wednesday. Jessie Lorene Goline, 25, faces one count of first-degree sexual assault, Arkansas Online reported. Four students — three from Marked Tree School District and one from East Poinsett County School District — allegedly had...

Jogger won’t stop pooping on family’s lawn

jogger pooping at a house

Jogger won’t stop pooping on family’s lawn! Jogger won’t stop pooping on family’s lawn!!! — ButImJustSaying (@ButIamJustSayin) September 21, 2017 This jogger has a serious case of the runs — and she just doesn’t give a crap. A Colorado mom is losing her s—t over a mystery woman who’s been pooping outside her house at least once a week. Cathy Budde, of Colorado...

Firefighter Says Saving One Dog Is ‘More Important’ Than A Million Black People

Firefighter Says Saving One Dog Is ‘More Important’

Tyler Roysdon has been suspended for his racist Facebook post. An Ohio fire department has suspended one of its volunteer firefighters for a racist Facebook post suggesting he’d prefer to save a dog in an emergency than a black person. Tyler Roysdon, a volunteer for Franklin Township, wrote that if he had to choose between saving a dog or a black...