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Frat Boy Who Allegedly Ate Victim’s Face Wakes From Coma


Austin Harrouff

The teen accused of viciously murdering a couple before eating one of his alleged victims’ faces has regained consciousness in a Florida hospital following the attacks earlier this month.

Austin Harrouff, 19, has emerged from a coma, but has not been able to provide a statement to authorities.

Harrouff has been in a coma for 11 days, and police are hoping they can piece together the events before he allegedly killed John Stevens and his wife, Michelle Mishcon, as they watched TV in their Jupiter, Florida, garage on August 15.

Harrouff was out to dinner with his parents when the young man stormed out of the restaurant, apparently angry over slow service.

Concerned over his behavior, the teen’s family called police and his fraternity brothers of Florida State University’s Alpha Delta Phi to help find him.

Police responding to a 911 call of a gruesome attack found Harrouff after he had allegedly stabbed Mishcon, 53, and Stevens, 59, to death as they sat in their Tequesta driveway. Investigators believe the attack was random.

Cops say he also attacked a good Samaritan who called 911 when he stumbled upon Harrouff biting Stevens’ face and stomach. That victim was airlifted to a nearby hospital to be treated for his extensive injuries.

Dr. Wade Harrouff has taped an interview with Dr. Phil that will air on September 7. In a clip of the appearance, the distraught father fought back tears as he said: “It’s the worst thing I could ever think of. This is the biggest nightmare I could ever even dream of, what’s happened.”

Police said it took several deputies and a K-9 to pry Harrouff off one of his alleged victims, as the teen was “abnormally strong” during the incident and was unaffected by a Taser.

Harrouff has tested negative for common drugs, but tests for less typical substances such as flakka — a hallucinogen sometimes referred to as “the zombie drug” — will take longer to get back from a lab.

“Trust me, you won’t find any drugs,” Harrouff allegedly told police.

The FBI will be running those tests once it obtains a report from the hospital at which Harrouff is being treated, Martin County Sheriff William Snyder said during a press conference Tuesday.

It is unclear how long those results may take.

If charged and convicted, Harrouff could face the death penalty.