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4-Year-Old Complains Of Nasty Smell At School, Then Mom Finds Porta-Potties In The Hallway


4-Year-Old Complains Of Nasty Smell At School

All parents hope their child will enjoy school. As it’s completely unavoidable, it truly makes life easier to not have to battle with your little one each and every day to get them out the door.

For Amanda Goff, getting her daughter to school hadn’t been an issue.

The little girl liked attending Pontiac Academy of Excellence in Pontiac, MI, and was happy to go, until a foul smell started wafting around her area.

She came home and told her mother about the issue and Goff went into the school to check out the situation.

She was appalled at what she found in the hallway.

The restrooms were out of service, and instead, students were being made to use a porta-potty inside.

Not only is this extremely unhygienic, but keeping a porta-potty inside leaves nowhere for the disgusting smell of the students’ excrement to go.

When Goff asked that her daughter have her seat moved farther away from the porta-potties and their stench, she was told that another student would then have to sit in that seat.

Needless to say, Goff wasn’t satisfied with the school’s response. Rather than have her little girl suffer all day in the disgusting environment, Goff pulled her daughter out of school and is unsure if she’ll ever feel comfortable sending her back to Pontiac Academy.

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